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Hostinger gets the top ranking for “best bang for your buck” for its sign-up bonuses, free add-ons and extremely cheap hosting plans. Aside from being a very reliable hosting service, they are also a bit of a fan-favorite as both our feedback and customer reviews from Hostinger are extremely positive.

If you’re looking for a quick summary of what Hostinger plans have to offer, remember these three things: 1) good sign-up bonus, 2) free add-ons, and 3) extremely cheap plans.

How Much Does Hostinger Cost?

While not the cheapest plan in absolute dollars per month, Hostinger is in some ways the cheapest when factoring in everything that comes with their plans.

The basic “Single Shared Plan” with a 12-month commitment costs $2.99/month … but if you’re willing to commit for 4 years, it’s only $0.99/month.

That’s 4 years of hosting service from a rock-solid company for only $48 totalthat is insanely cheap.

However, for most website owners (even newbies), we recommend getting the “Premium Shared Hosting” option for $5.99/month with a 12-month commitment or $1.99/month with a 4-year commitment (that’s $95 total for 4 years of hosting for 100 websites).

Pricing For Premium Shared Plans

The reason the premium plan is recommended is because it comes with 100 websites (as opposed to only 1 on the single plan) and statistics show that most people who start a website almost always need to host a second one at some point.

With the premium shared plan, it’s extremely easy to keep adding websites to your hosting service on this plan without having to upgrade anything.

The reason that Hostinger gets the nod for “Best Bang For Your Buck” is because in addition to having very low-cost plans, they also give away a ton of free add-ons and incentives when signing up (including Google ads credits with all plans except the single plan).

How Fast Is Hostinger?

We tested several different types of sites on Hostinger servers (some of them WordPress sites). When looking at an aggregate of the page load speeds across all 5 websites, Hostinger actually scored faster than any of the hosting services that we tested.

The key word there is “aggregate”. We see better load times for certain hosting companies on certain sites (for example e-commerce sites managed by WordPress).

These page speed tests always vary and there are a lot of factors that play into¬† your site’s speed. But the point is that Hostinger servers are extremely fast when tested across the board and from different countries.

Remember: your site needs to be coded in a stream-lined way to get fast load times. So server speed won’t matter if your site isn’t coded well.

How Good Is Hostinger Customer Support?

Hostinger support is very good but the catch is that you won’t get support over the phone. For some people, no phone support is a deal-breaker. But we suspect that saving money by not having phone support (which is extremely expensive for hosting companies) is how Hostinger is able to offer such affordable plans.

When it comes to chat support, their response times were fast (under 5 minutes) and the specialist on the chat line definitely knew his stuff.

We’re not going to say that Hostinger support is below average, but if you need or want phone support, it’s not the right hosting option for you.

What Features Does Hostinger Have?

Hostinger plans are loaded with great features and free add-ons. Although, the “Single Shared Plan” doesn’t included many of the free things you get on the other plans.

Hostinger is managed through a non-traditional c-panel that they call “h-panel”. Some would consider this a negative but we don’t see it this way because the h-panel is actually extremely easily to navigate and get things done. We actually prefer it over the traditional c-panel.

All plans include CloudFare protected servers which is a great service but we are noticing that many hosting companies are including it in their plans now.

All plans also include GIT and FTP access which some of the more affordable hosting companies normally do not include. The business shared hosting also includes daily back-ups.

What are Hostinger’s Sign-up Bonuses?

When considering how cheap the Hostinger plans are, the sign-up bonuses that come with Hostinger are actually hard to believe. For all plans except the single shared plan you get $150 in free Google ads credits.

The single shared plan comes with a free SSL certificate but not a free domain. All other plans include a free domain AND free SSL certificate.

All plans include free email but the single shared plan only includes one email address.

Who is Hostinger Right For?

Hostinger is good for people or small businesses that have lower amounts of traffic. If you own a large site (with more than 100k visitors per month), then you might out-grow Hostinger. However, for the majority of website owners, Hostinger is probably the best option available considering the price and everything free that comes with it.

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